Sunday, August 1

Nails of the day: multicoloured :)

I decided I wanted to go full on colour on my nails so I used two new nail polishes which I'd recently purchased.

First colour is from the Barry M ice cream collection and is called Blueberry. I love it!! Only needs one coat to get opaque coverage and non streaky!

The other colour I used was from Rimmel's lasting finish fruities collection and is called Apricot Punch. I needed two coats to get opaque coverage and found it a tad streaky. This polish is supposed to have a fruity scent when dried and I found it to smell EXACTLY like peach schnapps! Definitely got me craving some :)

I absolutely adore both these colours and think they go really well together. It's always more fun wearing more than one colour.



  1. Both the shades look lovely on you nails & go perfectly together!

  2. Love the look of different color of nail polishes together! SO fun!


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