Monday, August 2

Bent eyeliner brush

I've never found applying liquid/pencil eyeliner easy. I just never had a steady hand and it would take me ages to get a perfect line with liquid liner and pencil just seemed to drag on my skin.

So not wanting to give up on eyeliner altogether I decided to buy Mac's Fluidline in Blacktrack (a gel eyeliner) as I'd heard its much easier to apply. My first attempt was with an angled eyeliner brush but I still struggled to get a perfect line without taking 10 years.

I'd seen dulcecandy87 on youtube using a bent eyeliner brush by Sonia Kashuk and she made it look so easy to apply!! So off I went on google to track it down. Unfortunately Sonia Kasuk is not sold in the UK. Then I spotted on Amazon a bent eyeliner brush by called Royal & Langnickel for only £4.79!! So in my basket it went along with free delivery.

This is Royal & Langnickel's website
As you can see they sell ALOT of different brushes. They have 20 different Kabuki brushes alone!!

So this is the eyeliner brush:

It's so easy to apply:

So my eye can go from this:

To this, in a matter of seconds (added a touch of MaxFactor's lash extension effect mascara too)

I cannot recommend this brush more, its so cheap and makes applying gel eyeliner a breeze :)



  1. Looks nice! I will have to try this out. :)

  2. new subbie here :) which gel eyeliner do you think is a great one to start off with? x ps. follow me...

  3. @Simarjit already subbed :) the only gel eyeliner I've used is Mac's fluidline but I know sleek and ELF cosmetics make gel eyeliners. But whichever you choose definitely try with this brush!!

  4. wow, that is a handy brush..i want one!

  5. hmm i think i need to invest in this brush. dulce makes it look easy. thanks for the tip i love finding new beautu blogs! im a new follower =)

  6. I had one like this from costal scents but lost it, i found it really good. I might have to try this one. The liner looks great on you x

  7. I really need a brush like that in my life! Thanks for sharing it xoxo

  8. nice blog! im a new follower.


  9. Looks like a good brush, you've great liner skills! :)


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