Friday, August 13

Voluptuous lashes?

A month ago, thinking I'd lost my beloved MaxFactor lash extension effect mascara (it was actually hiding under the bed), I hot footed it down to my local boots to buy a new one.

But I got distracted by the Maybelline stand as there was an offer on their new mascara, Lash stiletto voluptuous.

Being a total sucker for cute packaging, it's shaped like a stiletto :D , I left with this.

Before and After shot:

As you can see the clever S shaped brush really helps to curl my lashes (I don't use an eyelash curler). It gives amazing length and a decent amount of volume. However I do find that the curl it gives my lashes doesn't last longer than a few hours. And I prefer only applying one coat of this as it's hard to avoid clumping if you apply anymore!

Overall, I would recommend this mascara as it gives you length and some volume and doesn't break the bank balance either :)


  1. do you think it gives you volume.. i cant find a good mascara which gives volume? x

  2. thnx for the comment! the packaging on lash stiletto is cute, i never noticed it was the shape of a heel. i also recommend mac studio fix mascara, they do some MAGIC to the lashes

  3. I like the packaging of this too! I have tried this mascara and find it great for my lashes xoxo

  4. I should try this. Loved the original.

  5. that is amazing, I have to always use eyelash curler before applying mascara. I should try this mascara.


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