Wednesday, July 28

How I conceal my dark circles

Wouldn't you love to live in a world where you can wake up and look perfect? I know I would. Dark circles can occur for a many number of reasons. But where there are imperfections there is makeup.
I suffer from really bad undereye circles as you can see:

But lucky for me there's makeup so no one has to know :) Here's how I conceal them:

1.First I like to apply an eye cream to give a good base for my concealer. I love using boots vitamin e eye cream it applies easily and absorbs well into my skin.

2.Next I dot on MAC's select moisturecover concealer. I like using a cool toned concealer as it helps to cancel out the blue circles.

I find when using my finger to blend in this concealer, my finger absorbs some of the concealer so I end up using more of it. I find that I need less concealer when using a synthetic bristled brush so much prefer a brush!

4. Now this concealer does need setting as it will literally start creasing as soon as you've applied it. But I've overcome this problem by using Maybelline dream matte powder. This is a soft, finely milled powder and helps to stop the concealer creasing. I love it!! The shade I have is golden beige, which is lighter than my skin tone, has a nice brightening effect to the under eye area.

And there you go as you can see this hasn't completely eradicated the circles but its definately improved their appearance :)



  1. cool! i have never actually used a concealer on my eyes

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