Saturday, July 24

Barry M nail paint review

I love bright nail polishes. Much easier to have colourful nails then wearing bright eye makeup or clothes which can become too much. They just allow you to have a nice pop of colour :)

So when I spotted these beauties in Superdrug on a 2 for £5 I snapped them up.
The first shade is lemon ice cream which is a lovely pastel shade of yellow.

The only downside to this polish is that it needs 3 coats to get an opaque coverage and needs to be applied carefully as it can go streaky.

The next shade is called Mint Green, which describes the shade perfectly.
This was much easier to apply, only needed two coats but again need to be careful to avoid annoying streaky marks.

Barry M nail paints are definitely hit and miss. I've tried some that only require one coat to give a completely opaque coverage and ones just like the above that require a little extra effort. But overall love the colour selection and the price.



  1. wow these look so cute! I need to try them

  2. Ooo I love Barry M nailpaints (:

  3. Nice yellow polish.


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