Saturday, September 4

Models own it so I should too :)

So recently I've gone crazy (probably end of summer boredom) buying stuff online. So I've got many a hauls coming up for you guys.

I'm gonna start with Models own. They recently had a 50% of sale online so I ordered a few things. I would've got more but their website was crazy slow and I just didn't have the patience.

So I first thing I got was the 6-way nail buffer

And then the polishes from left to right are:
1. Nude Beige
2. Pastel Pink
3. Lilac Dream
4. Tickled Pink

All only £2.50 each!! I've already tried the nude beige and absolutely love it! The formula is so creamy and applies like a dream, could do with a slightly larger brush though. Each polish contains 14ml.

They're delivery was crazy quick too. I put in my order at like midnight on Wednesday night and recieved it on Friday morning.



  1. i love nude beigee... amazingg colour! esp. great for autumn comin up.. great post hun :) x

  2. That beige color is lovely! All the other colors look pretty as well!

  3. I'd never have looked twice at the Nude Beige cos it's so dull but it actually looks fantastic on! A bargain at £2.50 each methinks!

  4. Lilac Dream is such a pretty color!
    Chk out my blog too, I hope I can inspire you to follow..:)



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