Sunday, September 5

First E.L.F haul

I've been wanting to order from ELF cosmetics for some time. They have great quality products at really affordable prices, only problem is they never seem to have anything in stock!!

So they recently had a big delivery and I was finally able to order a few things I had wanted. They also had a free shipping code too. They usually give out discount codes on their
acebook page, for every 1000 'likes' they get. These discount codes aren't as great as the American site but its better than nothing :)

So here's what I got

1. Studio Blush And Bronzer Compact
2. Mechanical Eyelash Curler
3. Nail Polish in Mod Muave
4. Studio Powder Brush
5. Tone Correcting Concealer in Honey (light)
6. Wet Gloss Lash And Brow Clear Mascara

Everything from their Studio line is £3.50 and everything else is only £1.50. Great way to add to your make-up bag without stretching the purse strings too much :)

Reviews on these products will be coming up as and when I use them. But from initial impression I'm really happy with these products!!



  1. I have so been wanting to try the bronzing and blusher duo but have been to lazy to order! Can't wait for your review!

  2. I love elf products cant wait for the reviews x

  3. The studio powder brush is AWESOME!! You will love it!

  4. CONGRATS on you first elf haul! :)

    I find elgf pretty hit and miss but the eye lash curlers are second to none. Oh and I really recommend the make up brushes. The studio ones are definitely better quality and I have amassed quite a collection of them - none of which I could do without!

  5. I have ELF polishes. They are a tad hard to apply but really nice colors.
    Can't wait to see what you think,

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies :) Can't get over the price for the amazing quality of these products!


  7. i wish the powder brush would hurry up and come back into stock :(

    fab blog :) xx


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